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Troop Guidelines

Troop Guidelines

Welcome to Troop 29!

We are a very active Troop and engage in all areas of Scouting. We camp or have outings many times throughout the year. We offer plenty of opportunities and Scouts are highly encouraged to participate in as many as they can.


To prepare young people to make moral and ethical choices by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law and to promote character development, value-based leadership development, citizenship training and personal fitness.

Information regarding Merit Badges, Rank Advancements, and Positions of Responsibility can be found in the Scout Handbook. We encourage Scouts and Parents to read the Handbook and refer to it often. Enclosed is information pertaining specifically to our Troop. We ask that you please take the time to read it thoroughly.


Scouts are registered when they join the Troop. You will be asked:

  1. to fill out and submit a BSA registration form
  2. to complete Part A and Part B of the medical form AND the scout’s current Insurance Card
    (Part C can be submitted when the scout’s annual physical is completed)
  3. pay yearly registration

Membership is complete when the following is submitted:

  1. yearly registration
  2. Part A and Part B of the medical form AND a copy of the scout’s current insurance card.

Part A and Part B of the BSA Medical Form can be found on the Troop website. These forms do not require a doctor visit.

Registration is due by October 1st.  Registration fees do not cover outings and campouts, rank advancements, awards and badges. Please note that registration does not cover troop expenses and scouts may be asked to pay a fee for certain events. Scouts who do not pay their registration in full or in a timely manner may not participate in any outings until paid in in full. Troop 29 recognizes that there may be extenuating circumstances and hardship cases. Should you fall into this situation, please contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairperson IN CONFIDENCE so the manner may be resolved quickly.


Troop meetings are held every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the East Moriches Fire House.  Our Troop follows the East Moriches School Calendar ( Scouts are advised to check the Troop website ( and/or their email for last minute cancellations.  Scouts are expected to attend all meetings. If you cannot attend, you must notify your Patrol Leader (see CHAIN OF COMMAND) and check the Troop website for any information you may have missed.  Scouts are expected to attend meetings in CLASS A Uniforms unless otherwise specified. CLASS A uniforms are discussed in detail later in the Guidelines. Scouts are also expected to bring their Scout Handbook, a notebook and a pen or pencil.


We understand that not all scouts are from the East Moriches area and that many parents/guardians may opt to remain at the meeting rather than drive home and back again. When this is the case, we ask that parents please not interfere with the meeting. Parents are asked not to approach the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) during the meeting. You may be asked to sit in a different room than your scout. This is not meant to ostracize you (see below) We need the scouts to learn to work together and function as a unit. Scout meeting time is for scouts. If you have a question, please email any of the adult leaders or see one of us after the meeting.

Parents are highly encouraged to be involved with troop activities.
As our Troop increases in size, so does the need for parental help! Scout parents/guardians will be asked to help out at different events during the year. This may be driving or picking up scouts to or from an event, helping at our fundraisers, supervising boys for our clean-ups (to name just a few!)  Parents/guardians are expected to participate in/volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per year (i.e. community service, fundraisers, campouts, clean-ups, etc.).  Sign-up sheets will be made available before each event.


Scouts have two uniforms – a CLASS A Uniform and a CLASS B Uniform.

CLASS A UNIFORMS are to be worn at all:

  • Boards of Review
  • Courts of Honor, Eagle Court of Honor and Ceremonies
  • Parades
  • Scoutmaster Conference for Rank Advancement
  • Traveling to and from outings unless notified by Scoutmaster
  • Working with any merit badge counselor unless notified by Scoutmaster or Counselor.
  • All Troop Meetings

CLASS A UNIFORM consists of:

  • Official BSA shirt from Council and all appropriate patches.
  • Official BSA olive green pants/shorts/switchbacks. Jeans are not part of the CLASS A UNIFORM
  • Official BSA belt
  • Official BSA socks
  • Shoes, hiking boots or work boots
  • Merit Badge Sash is optional
  • Troop 29 Neckerchief
  • Troop 29 Hat
  • Neckerchief slide


CLASS B Uniforms are worn at outings or events such as campouts, cleanups, etc.

The CLASS B uniform consists of:

  • Troop designed T shirt
  • Official BSA olive green pants/shorts/switchbacks, unless otherwise noted
  • Official BSA belt
  • Official BSA socks
  • Scout hat (Yawgoog, Troop or BSA)

In the event your scout is involved in after school activities, the uniform must still be worn at all meetings. If necessary, please bring your uniform and change at the fire house.

New scouts have six weeks to obtain a uniform. Uniforms can be obtained at the Scout Store in Medford (7 Scouting Blvd, Medford, 631-345-3979) or you can shop online at  Older scouts are asked to recycle any uniform shirts and pants that no longer fit them to a younger scout.


Our Troop has several fundraisers during the course of the year.  Money raised pays for needed equipment, scout camp reservations, and lower fees for scouts on outings to name a few. Each scout is expected to actively participate in these fundraisers in the following ways:

1)   Pre-sell tickets for the event. Each Scout is expected to sell tickets provided to each event. Tickets that are not sold are expected to be purchased by the scout. NO TICKETS ARE TO BE RETURNED.

2)   Work the event fundraiser for at least one hour.

Fundraisers are our way of helping the troop with additional expenses. Parents are expected to help out (See above). In addition to helping your scout sell tickets, we ask that parents/guardians also sign up to help with each fundraiser. If we do not raise the funds, we will have to charge more for activities and awards. Everyone’s participation is expected.


Every scout and adult participating in camping activities must have a COMPLETED and APPROVED BSA Medical Form a on file each year along with the most current insurance card (where applicable). Form links are available on the troop website. Scouts may not participate in activities until these are completed. Please refer to the Troop website for deadlines regarding Summer Camp medicals. These must be strictly adhered to.


See Boy Scout Handbook and Advancement Section. Scouts must play a positive active role in Troop meetings and campouts. A scout must participate in 50% of all troop activities to be considered active.  A scout’s active status is subject to review by the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee and Advancement Chairperson at the Scout’s Board of Review.


Troop 29 has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for hazing, bullying, demoralizing pranks or physical aggression of any kind. There is absolutely no drugs, alcohol or smoking by scouts or adults during ANY troop activity.

To truly be a good scout, we must live the Scout Oath and Scout Law. If a Scout misbehaves, is out of control or performs any form of hazing, bullying, demoralizing pranks, physical aggression or uses inappropriate language, the parent/guardian will be notified by the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Member or an Adult Leader in attendance of the activity/outing.  The scout may be removed from the activity at the sole discretion of those adult leaders present.


Please be prompt and on time when signing up for campouts, outings, fundraisers, or when turning in permission slips, paperwork or making payments. Being late poses a problem for making reservations, especially when a required number is needed by a specific deadline. Deadlines must be strictly adhered to and no late payments or signups will be permitted. Some events may be limited in number and may be on a first come, first serve basis. Be responsible…. If you are signed up for an activity or outing, you are expected to be there.


Unless otherwise noted, all activities, trips and campouts will begin (meet) at the East Moriches Fire House. Scouts are expected to stay for the duration of the activity or campout unless prior arrangements were made with the Scoutmaster. Such arrangements should be made at least one week prior to the activity. Emergency situations will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Most activities have a no refund policy, therefore unless notified in advance, we have a no refund policy.


No electronics (cell phones, gaming devices, etc.) are allowed at meetings, outings, campouts or camp. Laptops and iPads may be used for Troop purposes only and only with Adult Leadership (scoutmasters, counselors, committee members) permission. Scouts may use adult’s cell phones to make urgent appropriate calls. We understand the way technology is advancing and the benefits that these devices have. If a Scout is found have an electronic device at a meeting, outing, campout or camp or is found to be using electronic devices inappropriately, the device will be taken away and returned at the end of the meeting, outing or campout.  The scout’s parent/guardian will be notified by the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Member or an Adult Leader in attendance of the meeting/activity/outing.  The scout may be removed from the activity at the sole discretion of those adult leaders present.


It is the goal of the BSA and Troop 29 to develop and train our Scouts to be a boy lead Troop. In order for this to happen, we need EVERYONE’S help to create the best possible environment.

A ‘boy lead troop’ means the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is the leader of the troop. The Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPLs) assist the SPL.  Each Scout is placed into a Patrol which has a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders report to the ASPLs and SPL who in turn report to the adult leaders (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee).

If your Scout has a question about a meeting or an outing or needs assistance in any way, they are asked to follow the Chain of Command:

Scout – Assistant Patrol Leader – Patrol Leader – Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders – Senior Patrol Leader

Parents are NOT to approach the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders or Senior Patrol leader DURING the meeting.

We hope that the fires that are ignited are not only campfires but unquenchable fires in the hearts of our youth with an unquenchable vision to be good stewards of our world and make it a better place for all.

If you have any questions, please contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairman. Once again, if we all do our part, it will be a ‘mountain top experience for all’ and the best that Scouting has to offer.

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