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Category: Gear Reviews

Gear Review: GCI Outdoor Packseat Portable Tripod, by Jackson DeMasi

This past Christmas I got the GCI Outdoor Packseat Portable Tripod. It is a super compact, super lightweight, tripod chair that can support up to 250 pounds! I brought it to Camp Alpine and on the hike in Montauk. Both times, I didn’t even notice the weight on my pack. You can get it in black or raspberry for $20 from Dick’s Sporting Goods. This is the link:


Gear Review: Klondike 2-Person 4-Season Tent

After spending a night in a soaked sleeping bag, I realized that I needed a good, 4 season tent. I did some research, and found that the Klondike 2-Person 4-Season Tent at $150 is as good as some tents that are $250+!

This is a great tent because it is the first 2-person tent I’ve bought that you can actually fit 2 people in. You can fit two people because there are vestibules on both sides for storing gear. This tent is also light enough for backpacking if you have a partner, because it is only 6 pounds! Also, you can get the tent in the bag with 1 person without having to re-roll it 5 times, and it taking 20 minutes. This tent is absolutely waterproof and has many places to put stakes in if there are high winds. The only down side of the tent is that the peak height is not very high. If you are very tall, (which I’m not I am only 5’ 1”), you might want to get a bigger tent. You can get this great tent at, or

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