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Merit Badges

Badges and Counselors

Merit Badges and Counselors


Do you have the skills, experience or education to become a merit badge counselor for our scouts?

With the retirements of several Troop 29 merit badge counselors over the past two years – our troop is in great need for new blood/counselors to work with the boys wanting to earn merit badges. There are 134 different merit badges the boys can choose from – subjects range from outdoors activities, craftsmanship, sports, professional fields and a wide variety of others. Here is a link of all the different categories available to the scouts: Check it out – there could be a skill right up your alley!

  • To qualify as a merit badge counselor, you must:
  • Be at least 18 years old and of good character.
  • Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Complete Youth Protection training.
  • Be recognized as having the skills and education in the merit badge subjects covered and hold any required qualifications and training as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting or the Guide to Advancement—or use others so qualified.
  • Be able to work with Scout-age boys.

Please contact us if you are interested in filling out an application or have questions about the merit badge program.

Help us, help your scout earn merit badges towards their Eagle Rank – get involved!


Please click the names of the merit badges below to learn more about the specific merit badge. Click here to read about how to properly fill in your blue cards. Contact the counselors listed below with any questions or to setup an appointment for a merit badge review.

For a complete list of merit badges and merit badge pamphlets available from the Boy Scouts of America, click here.

* Required Badges for Eagle Rank
American Cultures Paul Haines
American Heritage Paul Haines, Sean Meade
American Labor Sean Meade
Archery Paul Haines
Archaeology Sean Meade
Art Dana McCall, Sean Meade
Athletics Rich Lehr
Automotive Maintenance Bob Rice
Backpacking Sean Meade
Bugling Matt DeMasi
Chess Sean Meade, Maria Garcia
* Camping Sean Meade
* Citizenship in the Community Paul HainesSean Meade
* Citizenship in the Nation Paul Haines, Sean Meade
* Citizenship in the World Paul HainesSean Meade
Coin Collecting Bob Rice
Collections Grace MinelliBob Rice
* Communications Paul Haines, Lacy Bender
* Cooking Dana McCall
Crime Prevention Bob Rice
*Cycling Anthony Minelli
Digital Technology Maria Garcia
Disabilities Awareness Bob Rice, Amy Mattiolo, Tim Glover
Dog Care
* Emergency Preparedness Paul Haines, Bob Rice,Sean Brown
* Family Life Paul Haines
Finger Printing Bob Rice
Fire Safety Evan Goldstein, Rich Lehr
* First Aid Rich Lehr, Bob Rice, Anthony Minelli Sean Brown, Lacy Bender
Fishing Jason Gesswein
Gardening Jason Gesswein
Genealogy Bob Rice
Golf Paul Haines, Sean Meade
* Hiking
Home Repairs Bob Rice
Indian Lore Paul Haines, Lacy Bender
Law Bob Rice

Sean Meade

Medecine Sean Brown
Music Matt DeMasi
Oceanography Jennifer Glover
Painting Bob Rice
* Personal Fitness Paul Haines, Rich Lehr, Amy Mattiolo
* Personal Management Paul Haines
Plumbing Paul Haines, Rich Lehr
Public Health Bob Rice, Amy Mattiolo
Public Speaking Paul Haines
Radio Lacy Bender
Reading Sean Meade, Bob Rice
Safety Bob Rice
Salesmanship Grace Minelli
Scholarship Grace Minelli, Sean Meade, Bob Rice
Scouting Heritage Bob Rice
Skating Rich Lehr
Snow Sports Sean Meade
Sports Paul Haines, Rich Lehr
Stamp Collecting Bob Rice
Traffic Safety Bob Rice
Wilderness Survival Paul Haines


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