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SCC BSA Color Run – 5K


Schiff Scout Reservation
9:30am – 2:00pm
This is a family and friends event
All those that register on our site will be entered as a team
Registration closed

Meet at registration table at 9:30 am

From Council:

“We are partnering with Island Harvest and asking for a canned food donation that you can bring to the Run to help stamp out Hunger on Long Island!

The Boy Scouts are happy to supply all Color Runners a Color Your Adventure Fandana, Ghost Patch, , and Color Your Adventure Finisher Mug! Our Ghost Patch is white allowing for your very own unique Color Run Patch at the end of the race.

All items are available at Registration:

Please check your Race map for Restroom locations, Color Stations (3), Hydration Stations (3).


  • Please be aware the course has different terrains, where the appropriate shoes.
  • Oiling your hair well on race morning will make it easier to wash out later
  • Many runners wear a scarf or bandana to cover their hair.  Use your Color Your Adventure Fandana to keep the Color out of your eyes/mouth.
  • Wear sunscreen and lip balm.
  • Sunglasses or Swim goggles helps keep color away from of your eyes.
  • Though the color will eventually wash out, you may not want to wear your $500 sneakers.


  • Dust off as much dry powder as you can before you apply any water.
  • Cleaning your hair; dust any loose powder out of your hair.
  • The color is probably not coming all the way out of your white cotton shirt/patch.  You should be proud of that.  But just about everything else should clean up fine.  Remove all excess powder before adding water.  Wash you Color Run gear separately with cold water.  Oxiclean or a similar product will work wonders on your running equipment.
  • Finally change of clothes and towel for your car for the ride home will keep your car clean.


The Run is not timed, our Color Run is a fun run. You can walk or run but you will want to slow down when the color is thrown.

No strollers, wagons on the course as that most of the course is not paved.

There are a couple of opportunities on the course to turnaround or shorten the length for the younger runners

The Color Run uses Color powder which is certified non-toxic and free of any heavy metals.  Our bright colors are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda and FD&C dyes.  As with any substance you want to keep it out of your eyes and our color throwers make sure to aim low as you pass by.  If you do not want to get doused with color, run/walk by on the far side of the station to alert Color Throwers you do not want a lot of colors.

We will be selling food for purchase, and Post-Race Snacks will be available and also our Finish Festival Hot Cocoa Party.

Follow directions for Parking, Hay Rides will be available to bring you back to the Parking Lot.

Stop by our Photo Booth to get your Picture taken and listen to the great tunes from Every Venue Productions.

Have a great Color Run and make sure you post your pictures with #ColorYourAdventure”



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